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Kids Playing with Balloons
Kids Drawing

Fine Motor

So many developmental skills require foundational fine motor skills.  Even the very young child has many play skills that transfer and develop fine motor skills.  We can consult with you if you have a concern and discuss if OT services are important for developing these foundational skills!

See below for checklists and home programs. 

Kids tying shoelaces

Daily Living Skills

Daily Living Skills includes dressing, bathing, toothbrushing, and toileting. It's important to gradually develop these skills as kiddos grow.  Some times kiddos have a hard time developing these skills for various reasons, like sensory defensiveness, motor planning difficulties, sequencing, or fine motor delays.   Also kids should begin to develop responsibilities at home like taking out the trash, putting dishes in sin, putting clothes away or even wiping the counters.

See below for skills that are appropriate for your child's age.

Kids Swinging

Home Programs

Check back frequently for home programs!!

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Asking for Pacifier

Infant-Toddler Developmental Info

Check out these resources -- Check back frequently as we update this site.
1.  Resilience
2. Regulation

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